At Ugly Mugs we strived to serve the freshest qulity ingredients, sourced from local purveyors when available. We serve breakfast and lunch options until 9pm. Everything is made to order! Here are only a few examples of what you can find to munch on at Ugly Mugs.

There is more! Visit us in the shop for our full menu.

For Breakfast

  • Breakfast sandwiches served on local Bagel Face bagels, ciabatta bread or wheat toast from Silke's Old World Breads.
  • Local granola topped with fresh fruit and milk or yogurt
  • Steel cut oats topped with fresh fruit, brown sugar and other toppings
  • There is more!

For Lunch

  • Panini sandwiches
  • Cold sandwich and salad options
  • Hummus and chips

For Dessert

Assorted fresh baked pastry from Dozen Sweetshop. Delicious cakes made by Sweet 16th Bakery.

*Image for reference purposes only, items and prices subject to change.

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